Arixiel's Boon

Crafted from the skin of a Hamatula. This robe is adorned with vicious barbs and infused with a portent evil.


Arixiels’ Boon acts as a +2 Hide Armour.
The Wearer of Arixiels’ Boon gains Fire Resistance 10 and anytime the Wearer is grappled or attacked with a unarmed or natural weapon attack, the attacker is dealt 1d6 + 5 Piercing Damage.
Three Times/Day, The Wearer can shoot out a flurry of spines, dealing 3d6 + 3 piercing damage in a ten-foot cone. This is not applicable to Sneak Attack.

Additionally The Wearer gains a +2 bonus in intimidation checks to lesser devils and a +2 diplomacy check to those belonging to Arixiels’ Domain.

Any Nonevil Creature wearing Arixiels’ Boon suffers 1 permanent negative level so long as he wears it. Miracle and Restoration cannot take away this negative level.


Arixiel's Boon

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