The Jurist

The Hidden Blade of Iomedae

weapon (melee)

Umbrite Jurist Longsword (Cursed)
Enchancement Bonus: +1
Damage: 1d8 + Str Mod
Special: Stealth +3
When an inquisitor wielder uses her judgment class ability while wielding a jurist weapon, it grants her an enhancement bonus on her Perception checks and to CMD. The bonus is +1 on the first round of her judgment, and increases by +1 each round, to a maximum of +3 on the third and following rounds.

Item must draw blood when wielded. It can’t be put away or exchanged for another weapon until it has scored a hit.

Item must be cleansed with holy water each day.

Character must worship Iomedae.
Character must change her name to a specific name. The item only works for characters of that name.


The Jurist

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