Shalelu's Gift to Adoror

weapon (melee)

Magical Living Steel Earthbreaker
Enchancement Bonus: +1
Damage: 2d6 + 1.5x Str Bonus +1
Critical Range: x3

Special Effects:
Renewal is crafted from Living Steel, a rare metal found in trees grown in a particularly mineral heavy area. The trees collect these trace particles with other nutrients through their roots and metal deposits form. These metal deposits, infused with the life of the trees, are made into powerful weapons that repair themselves. An item made from living steel repairs damage to itself at a rate of 2 hit points per day, or 1 hit point per day if it has the broken condition.

Renewal also possesses the unique ability to purify non-magical corrosive acids into harmless liquids upon contact, and against monsters with the earth subtype, does an extra 1d6 of damage.


The Greathammer Renewal was crafted by the Varisian elves for the Paladin Hero Adoror, for his deed of slaying the infamous Elf killer, the dreaded Bugbear Bruthazmus in single combat. Adoror had lost his own trusty hammer, Goblinbane in the battle, so Shalelu commissioned this magical hammer as a gift.

Renewal’s haft is made of the almost obsidian coloured wood from the Darkwoods, the head and metal detailwork, a glossy green steel that reflects jade light, the prized ore of the Varisian elves. The Head itself is crafted into a beautiful eagle, a symbol of freedom and justice.


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