Lyrie Ajenka (Deceased)

Pathfinder Society Reject and Mercenary Mage working with Naulia


Lyrie met Naulia in Magnimar after Lyrie had been rejected from the Pathfinder Society in suspicion of murder of two other initiates that were her competition. Nualia recruited her for her knowledge in ancient thassilonian language. She was killed in the assault on Thistletop by Garrum in her failed ambush with Bruthazmus.

Notes found in the research room where Lyrie was encountered reveal that the mage spoke Thassilonian and had been researching ancient literature, artifacts and inscriptions relating to the lowest level of the Thistletop complex.
Based on her research, Lyrie determined that the island of Thistletop was once the head of a massive sentinel statue, one of many erected by the runelord Karzoug to watch the borders of his realm of Shalast.

Lyrie Ajenka (Deceased)

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