Bruthazmus (Deceased)

Infamous Bugbear Elf Slayer


Bruthazmus is a feared and infamous bugbear who hunts the northern Nettlewood.
Bruthazmus is a hardened killer. He raids caravans and trades what he steals with the five goblin tribes in the region in return for strong goblin liquor, arrows, and intelligence.
A longtime nemesis of Shalelu Andosana, the two have tangled several times but neither can claim victory. Bruthazmus particularly despises elves. He wears an elf-ear necklace to remember each one he’s killed.

Bruthazmus was slain by Ser Arador in the assault on Thistletop when Bruthazmus and Lyrie unsucessfully ambushed the Sandpoint Heroes.


Bruthazmus (Deceased)

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